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  1. ceefo1

    Spices? fell to bottom of 1 gal mead carboy

    Hey all! New to mead making. I just started a primary with some ground spices and less than 5 minutes into the process, it seems they have all fallen to the bottom. I used 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ginger and 1/2 tsp nutmeg. I also used ec1118 for yeast and some ferm K. It's this normal? I've...
  2. SnyderCider

    When and how to add spices

    I've read about people putting cinnamon sticks and other spices (Apple Pie Spice was written on one of my favorite local ciders) and I'm not sure when they actually add in that element. Is it at the start of the first fermentation or is it later on? I've been on this forum for about a week and...
  3. E

    Using Spices In Your Homebrew

    If there is one thing homebrewing enthusiasts have learned during the decade-long explosion of craft beer we’ve experienced, it’s that the Reinheitsgebot, aka the historic German Beer Purity law, is a respectable piece of the past, but that beer can be so much more than water, malt, hops, and...
  4. W

    Winter Ale Recipes

    The last of the Jack-O-Lanterns have been carved, lit, admired, left out to go soft, and been discarded like so many before. Halloween costumes go back in the box, the box goes back in the attic, and our minds turn to the cozier side of Autumn - baked goods, sweaters, hot cocoa, and best of all...
  5. jayjay

    Adding spices to primary fermentation

    Hi I am new to homebrewing and would like to experiment with some spices in a Saison. I am boiling 5gals that will then be separated into two 2.5gal fermentors and would like to experience with spices in one of them. I will not be racking into a secondary fermentor. My question is: Is it...
  6. Tadeusz Leliwa

    To boil the spices or to add them into the demijohn?

    What do people do with their methyglins? I made a Christmas one where I boiled all the spices and then tried to sieve them out before pouring the liquid into the demijohn. One of the elements of the receipt was 50g of cloves, but I noticed that some receipts online suggest just adding cloves...
  7. N

    Adding ingredients while maintaining sanitation

    I've been searching the forums and can't seem to find a definitive answer so I figured I would ask for opinions. In some cases I would like to add spices like vanilla beans, whole allspice, cinnamon sticks, orange zest, etc. My concern is about introducing contamination. I could soak the...
  8. S

    How to properly added pumpkin pie spice

    I’m brewing a pumpkin beer and plan on adding some pumpkin pie spice during secondary fermentation. I’ve never added a spice or anything other than sealed packages of hops directly to the carboys during fermentation. Is there anything I need to do to the actual spice to prevent contamination or...
  9. Kruger_Brewer

    Brewing with ginger!

    Hey guys, I made an entire video detailing the use of ginger in brewing. It will be a whole series dealing with different ingredients - I'd love some feedback on the video and subject matter. Let me know what you think!