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  1. X

    First Recipe, need critique Winter Warmer

    Morning! This is the first recipe that I built completely from the ground up and would like some advice. I am going for a Winter Warmer style that has a deep red to mahogany color, so not entirely black. Flavor should have some malt sweetness with caramel and raisin notes as well as some...
  2. K

    Fall’s Here; Pumpkin Beer

    Pumpkin Spiced Amber Ale I know, it’s a little late but fall comes late in Southern California. Work asked me to brew a fall beer for a little get together so this is more of an attempt to appease the masses than have 5+ gallons of a PSL beer on hand. Here it is: OG- 1.052 FG- 1.016 ABV- 4.8%...
  3. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Horchata cream ale

    Hi all, I plan to make an extract cream ale and then after fermentation is done, add vanilla beans and cinnamon to it. My question is, should I rack it to a secondary for this or can I pour it into the primary? I should make note that I plan to soak a cinnamon stick and a few vanilla beans...