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  1. S

    Mead on apple base recipe question?

    Good morning guys. I bought 365 Whole foods brand apple juice, 2 gallons. I have 5 lbs of honey. So i guess it will be 2.5 lbs of honey/gallon? + apple juice. I will have hydrometer by then. I would like to make mead from that base. Any good mead/cyser recipe you can recommend for me? I also...
  2. aBlankExpression

    Questions from a Novice Mead Maker

    Hi I've been making mead now for six months now and had some questions about the process. Residual Sugars I am looking to make a Hydromel, information online suggest there is success using s-04 yeast. People also recommend with that when using this yeast use a starting gravity of 1.040 but the...
  3. U

    Vanilla Bean

    Just finished fermenting a 10 Gallon batch of cider. I'm making this one a spiced cider. I added two whole vanilla beans. I didnt cut, slice or scrape the beans. Just threw them into the cider whole. I've read that its not necessary to cut/scrape the beans when you're adding them to...
  4. zahrndt_usmc

    Question about Christmas Spice Beer!

    So I have a random question, I am designing a recipie for a winter spice beer. What will add more cinnamon flavor to my beer, cinnamon sticks or ground cinnamon? Also if anyone has any recomendations or tips for a winter beer that would also be appreciated as well.