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  1. M

    Spent Grain Poll

    I'm curious to see how many people are using their spent grain for something, and how many are just tossing it out. No judgment for any type of answer...just curious.
  2. Elijah Hutchinson

    Re-Brewing with Spent Grains?

    Hi, my name is Elijah Hutchinson and I'm new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of re-using spent grains (perhaps through sparging?) to brew a very low abv beer (malted grain from all-grain brews). I remember reading a while back about monks having a tradition of doing...
  3. jim4065

    What do you do with the spent grain?

    I've simply been throwing mine away, but all of this snow makes me wonder if it could be resurrected as birdseed? I saw that someone here feeds it to deer, but there are damn few deer near my house. Does it have enough nutritional value left to be worth feeding out? :confused: