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  1. A

    Is your Dog a Brew Dog?

    Is your dog a brew dog? You know the one. Constantly following you as you brew, making sure you hit your temps, and reminding you when it's time to add the hops? No? Well they could be. If you're more than a few batches into your beer obsession you've probably moved into all grain or partial...
  2. J

    Spent Grain Question

    I put about 3 pounds of spent grain in two ziplock bags a few hours after using the grains to brew. The next day the bag was inflated and the other popped. Do spent grains release a certain type of gas after they have been heated? If so, which type of gas is it? Thanks!
  3. TandemTails

    Rather than throwing all your spent grain in the trash, try making spent grain flour!

    With Big Brew this weekend and a lot of us hopefully brewing something up, it's a perfect time to try making some spent grain flour. Spent grain flour, when used as about 10% of the flour in your bread, pizza dough, cookies, etc, will give a huge boost of whole grain flavor. As soon as I'm...