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  1. D

    Extract Brewing high original specific gravity

    Hi all, I’ve tried all grain brewing a few times now and had poor success due to mould(think cleaning issues) so I’ve tried an extract home brew with the hope there’s less variables that can go wrong. I’ve added 1kg of Demerara sugar instead of dextrose. I measured the original specific...
  2. nreed

    Help with gravity readings

    Hi all, I've just started reading my gravity a few brews in and I just want to make sure I'm reading things correctly. I use a refractometer which only shows Brix so have been using the BeerSmith conversion tool. My OG came up quite short at 10 brix - I also used a hydrometer to confim which...
  3. Candass08

    Hydrometer and specific gravity readings

    Hello all! This is my first ever attempt to homebrewing cider! I have been letting the apple juice and yeast ferment for two weeks and went to check the specific gravity with my hydrometer. From what I have read there should be at least some alcohol content by now however, it is reading zero...
  4. luis.salas

    Brix and SG refractometer

    Hi, guys. I recently bought a refractometer in order to gain some control over my brewing that, until now, it has been quite wild and free. I was reading about the correction you should make when using a refractometer to obtain the precise Brix degree measure, and then convert it to SG. My...
  5. R

    Gravity reading help please!

    So I started a cider recently but decided I would do it with honey as well. I took a gravity reading and thought it was low at 1.07 considering I'm aiming for at least 13% ABV so I added two cups of brown sugar to try to raise it (no hate please I'm new to this). I then realised that I didn't...
  6. MaxTheSpy

    Faulty Readings?

    I've been using Tilt to log my SG and temperature for the last 6 days of my brew and Its been working amazingly well except for a few spots with notes over them Blue is Sg and Red is Temp. There are two blue peaks that I have no idea what happened with. Do any of you have any ideas of what is...
  7. misha

    specific gravity reading

    not sure how to read it, is it 70 or 60? and what does it mean - what should be the final estimated alcohol content? it was quite cold juice if that's important ...