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  1. pmiddy

    Calculating the correct amount of DME to add to the boil

    I'm about to brew my first Milk Stout (ready for the Aussie winter): Ingredient Kgs Light Dry Malt Extract 2.700 450g Lactose Powder 0.450 450g Simpsons Black Malt 0.450 350g Joe White Dark Crystal Malt 0.350 250g Pale Chocolate Malt 0.250 I'm doing a partial mash/steep and...
  2. T

    First time recipe!

    Hi brewmasters! This is my first post and I am also very new to the craft of brewing. I have done two brewing kits (chinook IPA / Hazy) but now wanted to go wild and try to make my own recipe for a Belgian Wheat Ale. Trying to make 5gal recipe - was going to us 6lbs of Pilsner DME (using Palmer...
  3. H

    Hello, Maltster from Alberta Here to Help

    I was quite surprised to find a fair amount of misleading information on malt and malt production. Figured I would hop on and chime in where ever I can. If you guys have questions on malt production, I would like to offer my expertise and provide you home maltsters with the information that you...