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  1. @RoyalGallon

    Special B in a Doppelbock

    I want to do a doppelbock that’s dark, malty, full of body and dark fruit flavours. What do people think about adding Special B to help with this? I use it in Belgian dubbels and love the fig / raisin flavours it brings but don’t know if it would fit with a German beer.
  2. BrewingAroundtheRrealm

    Brewing a Belgian Dubbel with WLP611 - New Nordic Yeast Blend

    I ordered WLP611 back in September of 2017. It finally arrived last week. I brewed up a Belgian Dubbel. Full details and the recipe I used are available on my website: https://brewingaroundtherealm.com/brewing-a-belgian-dubbel-with-wlp611-new-nordic-yeast-blend/ I'll post a review back here...