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  1. BigManJames

    Sparkling Water Bottle For Sparkling Mead?

    Disregard this, missed the part about this being for beer. Reposting elsewhere
  2. Iowa Brewer

    First Keg Day! It's Spraying everywhere!

    Hey all, So excited! Kegging for the first time, today, and in my new keezer I built, to boot. I have 3 beers (wit, English, Vienna lager) and 1 keg of water. When I pushed the pressure point in on the liquid nodule (my pin locks don't have a separate vent), water sprayed straight up in the...
  3. G

    Bottle Conditioning Failure

    Hey All, Bottled my first 5gal batch a few weeks back and attempted some bottle conditioning of half. My PET bottles told me what I already knew when I cracked a sparkling version after 2 or 3 weeks...still still. Curious what I did wrong. I'll list what I think are pertinent details: -OG...
  4. JedSmithBrewery

    Carbing with Apple Juice?

    Ok well the general consensus is that 3/4 cup of dextrose is the standard for carbing a five gallon batch of....well...anything. I was trying to stay away from refined sugars in this batch so would it be ok to substitute apple juice for the dextrose. Because there are around 200 grams of...