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    Sparkling wine - no sign of sediment from second fermentation

    Hello, After a few years of making sparkling elderflower wine by the usual method, I decided that I don't really like the cloudy, slightly feety concoction, so decided to follow the champagne method of fully fermenting in a DJ (down to 0.97 grav, took 4 weeks due to warm weather). It was...
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    Kegging wine (Foaming issues)

    Hi everyone, I started an experiment and need some advice... I am trying to make sparkling wine and I am getting issues with foaming. This is what I have tried so far: 1.75 gallon corny keg with chardonnay carbed to 55psi and cooled in the kegerator near freezing For dispensing, 3/16" ID...
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    Sparkling cider as sparkling wine bottles

    I was looking for a cheap and easy way to obtain sparkling wine bottles since I bottle in about a week. Can I just buy a buch of sparkling cider from the dollar store and use those bottles?
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    Bulk Sparkling Wine

    Hi All, I'm looking for a supplier of bulk sparkling wine - ideally in drum/tote format. Does any one know where to look? I'm on the east coast, but could be anywhere in the US. Thanks!