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  1. D

    Imperial Stout low ABV outcome

    Hello all, I've had back luck with two batches of an imperial stout with everything the same. It's not bad, but the abv for the 19 lbs came out to 6.5% abv. I was shooting for 9% or so. It's strange to me, since my previous batch before was an oktoberfest-like ale shooting for 5-6%, but turned...
  2. D

    A Comparison Of Homebrew Sparging Techniques, Including BIAB

    Malted two-row barley is mixed with water at a prescribed temperature and allowed to rest until the starches of the malted barley are converted into fermentable sugars. This is called the saccharification rest. The sugary liquid (wort), must be separated from the wet grain (the mash) and this is...
  3. C

    Recirculation pump

    Hello everyone! We just upgraded to 100 L brew pots, meaning we can make more beer but recirculation and mainly sparging take lots of time (it took us nearly 3 hours the last time). So our next upgrade will be to get ourselves some pumps to do this process. Thing is, I don't know anything about...
  4. Arbe0


    when I sparge I fill my HLT with more than enough water to sparge with. I sparge until I get the amount of wort I want in my boil kettle, doing it this way leaves me with a mash tun with about a gallon or more of unused wort. My question is, do you think the way I do it effects anything...
  5. C

    Questions on my first BIAB brew

    Hi all, This is my first post. Apologies for the noobie-itis. I've been brewing with extract and steeping grains for the past couple of years and am super stoked to do my first BIAB brew. I have chosen to do the Rye Brown Ale recipe described in Chancellor Hellmann's article, here. I have...
  6. xeerohour

    Questions After First All Grain

    Hi everyone, my name's Zach. I've been a lurker for a while, and finally got around to actually registering an account. I want to begin by saying thank you for all the excellent information I've found on your site, but I had trouble finding specific answers to a few things. First, a bit of...
  7. smatson

    Plastic Buckets OK?

    Q: I have used food grade plastic buckets in my home brewing adventures in the past (for fermenting and bottling). However, does anybody know if it is ok to use a normal 5 gallon plastic bucket in brewing? I will be using it for sparging. In other words, I will be filling the plastic bucket with...