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  1. RileyOG

    A place to ramble.. VIDEO

    First, my drunken ramble: Post Zombie holocaust self-sufficient homestead farm: "Kids, how many times have I told you, do NOT put walkers on the compost pile." Now my pitch: If you live in Southern California, and you want an Irish night, with LOCAL cider..
  2. JAReeves

    Iron City Lager

    Greetings! Anyone willing to trade a 6 of Iron City Lager for something from here in SoCal? I have no idea if it's good beer, but it's nostalgia for my dad. Peace, Reevesie
  3. JAReeves

    New Crop, Post-Harvest?

    Ok, so I trimmed my hops back to about 6' tall when I harvested them. I have to dig them up and move them and figured they could use all the energy possible in the roots before I rock their world. It's finally regularly sunny in SoCal, and now my hope don't want to go dormant. They are...