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  1. F

    Sous Vide Pasteurization??

    I'm fairly new to this whole cider making process (And enjoying it so much!) and wanted to make my first batch of sweetened carbed cider. I wanted to know if anybody has pasteurized their bottles in a sous vide instead of a stovetop? Thanks!
  2. HardyFool

    So I brewed a shot of beer

    Hello fellow beer-makers, Some of you may have seen this post I made back in July chronicling the brewing of a quart of beer. This did really happen, and the beer was perfectly adequate, but upon telling my brother of my triumphant micro exploits, he responded with a sigh, a roll of the eyes...
  3. HardyFool

    Sous Vide Brewing - 2 Pints

    Hello everyone! I was intrigued a few years back by a thread in which someone used an Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker as a pseudo-RIMS for mash control; the idea was to use a chinois or hop strainer to create a grain-free zone in the mash tun, in which the cooker was placed. Some noted that...
  4. anykine

    Cleaning inside of stainless steel coil

    I bought a stainless steel immersion chiller that I plan to pump mash wort through, as part of a budget DIY HERMS system (with Sous Vide machine as heater). What is the best way to clean the inside of the steel coil straight from the factory? TSP? Just PBW? Soap? What’s the best practice...
  5. Small Scale HERMS

    Small Scale HERMS