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  1. zactastic

    can i secondary ferment IPA?

    I'm looking to experiment and turn 1 gallon of the IPA to a sour IPA, is this possible? Which Brettanomyces to use on the secondary?... was thinking B. Claussenii or whatever i can get online (quarantine) I dont think they make a dry version of Brett. Add a sugar? I have raisins, goji...
  2. I

    Making my beer sourer

    Long time reader, first time writer. Giving it a crack at the whole sour "IPA." First time trying to sour. After reading a bunch of the posts on Omega OYL-605, I did the following: - 1L starter 30 hours prior to pitching, kept around 72. - Normal brew day, boiled for 10min to kill off...