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  1. A

    Help with fermentation problem

    In running into a problem with a sour beer I’m brewing. I decided to try a new yeast my local brewers shop got called Sour Pitch. After 36 hours and no action in my bubbler I did some research I read that the yeast needs to ferment between 86-103 degrees but I have to ferment around 70. My...
  2. Lucky_Tart

    Flanders red + ??? = Sour Stout (Developing a recipe for blending)

    Hear me out....Next on my “Brewbucket List” is a sour stout, but looking at the threads and recipes on the topic, I don’t want to wait for Roeselare or bottle dregs to bring the funk and complexity when I do have a gallon of Dr. Lambic’s Flanders Red (Dr. Lambic’s Homebrewed Sour Red Ale), a...
  3. D

    World Beer Week 1:03 - Regional Histories of Sour Beer

    The idea of sour beer is fairly simple; sweet wort undergoes a spontaneous fermentation when wild yeast is introduced into the mix. This then leads to the production of alcohol and a sour flavor (usually from lactic acid). We can announce this lovely fact today because thousands upon thousands...
  4. C

    Balancing Lactic Acid in Sour Beers

    Few things are as satisfying as tasting a newly opened homebrew and having it meet your expectations. Even more satisfying is when that beer is from the somewhat unpredictable realm of sour beers. Not all sour beers have to be left up to chance in order to achieve predictable results however...
  5. E

    Sour Beer Do's and Dont's

    Few things get a beer geek ready to talk your ear off than name-dropping a sour beer or two. Sour beers are more of a distinct continent on Planet Beer than a style as there are many styles of sour and/or wild ales. It’s a world countless homebrewers want to dive into, but also one they may...
  6. N

    Forgotten Sour

    I have a sour beer in my basement that I forgot about for three years. It smells kind of awesome. I am thinking about bottling 3 gallons out of 5 and doing a new sour using the dregs from this batch. A. What are the bottling process for this? I have never bottled a sour so I’m new to...
  7. K

    Sour Beer Brew

    Hey all, I have a few questions for those of you who brew sour beer. Are the following an issue for you or your brewery in producing sour beer: Length of time to produce Contamination Risk Consistency in final product If so, would you be interested in a product or process that would...
  8. Andrew Hodgson

    Bootleg Biology Chardonnay

    I picked up Bootleg Biology Chardonnay last fall and am finally getting around to using it soon. I am getting some Savignon Blanc wine juice and going to take a stab at a wine/beer hybrid sour. I wanted to see if anyone has used this yeast for beer or wine and get their thoughts. My first...
  9. exaideum

    Fermenting sour and wild ales outside

    Hello Beer-internet! So I'm running low on space inside my small house and I'm considering building a small air-tight unit on the side of my house to hold all of my smaller 1-5 gal fermenters that are housing long aging sours. Is that a terrible idea? I've only been making sours for a little...
  10. A

    Sulfur Smell in Sour Raspberry Cranberry Berliner Weisse

    I'm brewing my first sour Berliner Weisse and it has a strong sulfur smell. Is this an infection or will it clear? A little background. I brewed an all grain with 50% wheat, 50% pilsner. Kettle soured for 2 days with Lacto Delbrueckii, boiled for 15 min, cooled and pitched US-05. Initial...
  11. 6midgets

    How long to fruit?

    I recently brewed a Kettle sour. I had a starting gravity of 1.048. I let it ferment down to a gravity of 1.015. I then racked it onto 5# of kiwis and 5#of green pears. I saw airlock activity for 3 days after i added the fruit. My question is how long should i keep it on fruit before i keg?
  12. N

    Freeze-dried yogurt cultures for Berliner Weisse

    I am going to make a Berliner Weisse but around here where I live it´s very very difficult to get some lacto strain specifically for beer. But I can get some yogurt cultures ( Danisco yogurt cultures) so I wanna give it a try. I have couple of conserns and questions involving what strain to use...
  13. mirthfuldragon

    First Lambic - questions on technique

    I jumped in on the 2018 12 Beers of Christmas exchange, and I ended up with a crabapple lambic from Randy Mosher's "Radical Brewing". I saw a copy of the base recipe - 44.5% pilsner, 44.5% wheat malt, 11% munich - straightforward enough. I plan to get it started in the next couple of week or...
  14. P

    PH issues with 1st sour attempt...

    Hi all. Long time reader, but first time posting here, so hope I'm doing this right. My first crack at a Berliner Weiss-style has me a little stumped. I first made a 1 liter starter with DME and dumped in the WY5335 Lacto culture, incubating it for 3 days at ~100F until brew day. At this point...
  15. N

    Long time follower, time to contribute

    Hello HomeBrewTalk community! I've been following this forum for a long while now, learning a lot and enjoying the conversations along the way. First off, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this great body of knowledge! Secondly, I want to start contributing IMMEDIATELY and have...
  16. J

    Lacto from yogurt?

    I've been thinking about making a sour and harvesting lacto from a yogurt culture. I read this post where OP used a unique drink called Bio-Salud to get some lacto bugs but he said that the culture contains L. acidophilus...
  17. GweedoeBrew

    Equipment & Bacteria Brewing? Lacto!

    I am going to do my first Bacteria based beer here in the next month... A fruity Berliner Wiess... Maybe Cherries or peaches or something... I have been doing lots of reading... But one thing that isn't clear is how brewing effect my equipment and other beers.. If I put the Lacto into the...