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  1. theinterneti

    Kegging --> Stabilizing --> Bottling

    I'm sure this question has been answered before, but after some searching I'd like a more definitive answer. If there IS a great answer out there that I'm missing, maybe add it to the kegging FAQ? I've just kegged my third batch. I'm having a ton of fun with it and the brews are tastier than...
  2. theinterneti

    Developing an ideal "basic juice" cider

    Thanks for visiting my thread, Really enjoying the "Everyday simple cider" and "Graham's English" ciders that I've made up to this point. Working on dialing a blend of these for my taste, process and gear. I've read through the threads mentioned and a lot of the encyclopedia of yeast...
  3. H

    Question about amounts of of sorbate

    Hi Forum, I'm a newcomer to this forum and I have some experience brewing (10 batches of LME, various types of ale.) I've moved on to cider, as I have a friend who has a boutique winery and grows organic apples. We took some of his Grade B apples and pressed them into 300 liters of juice...