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  1. Tidwellc

    Giving the SOFC a facelift

    So I live in a smallish loft type apartment. I've got enough space to do some electric BIAB and JUST barely enough space to store my bottles and equipment. I built a SOFC last year and while it works great, I have no where to store it but out in the open. That bare pink insulation foam was a...
  2. Tidwellc

    New Son of Fermentation Chiller build

    Maiden voyage with my new SOFC build: Not the prettiest, the saw blade we used to cut the foamboard wasn't long enough, so for each cut we had to flip it over and cut the other side... which resulted it some uneven faces where it had been cut.. I used roofing flashing tape as added...
  3. Tidwellc

    Cooling medium in fermentation chiller question

    I just recently built a new son of fermentation chiller, maiden voyage was supposed to be tonight, and I neglected to buy some gallon jugs of water and freeze them ahead of time... I had a similar build years ago and I recall the gallon jugs working ok for a while, but eventually splitting and...
  4. ultrashock

    Son of Fermentation Chamber design

    Hello, What do you think about my Son of Fermentation Chamber design? It will be made from 5cm polystyrene foam sheets 125x60cm and it is designed for 50L plastic fermenter. A could not achieve more than 50cm height, but in the local stores this foam is only in this size. During the summer...