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  1. Arrheinous

    A keg of 6-year lambic

    So in 2014 I visited Russian River, got hyped, and then made 10 gallons each of red, brown, and lambic that summer. Sour beer didn’t catch on in my circles so by 2020 I still have a case each of red and brown bottles and a full keg of lambic. All 2014 vintage. What’s the best way to use this 5...
  2. E

    Starting a Sour Solera

    Solera fermentations have been growing in popularity ever since Will Meyers implemented his system at Cambridge Brewing Company to age Cerise Cassee, an Amber colored sour wild ale with cherries. Solera is a technique originating in the production of Sherry but is also used in the aging of...