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  1. L

    For Sale Electric Brew System - Charleston, SC - $1k OBO

    I have an electric brew system that I am looking to sell because I have moved. It is inspired by setup, but with of course it's own take. Instead of a fixed switches panel, I opted for a raspberry pi driven Wifi system using the software from CraftBeerPi (it does not...
  2. parjay

    Illinois Chicago - Wicker Park: Free bottles and cheap mini fridge

    Pretty self explanatory. I have a bunch of bottles that are free to a good home. Not sure how many, but at least enough for a 5 gallon batch. The bottles are all different sizes and most have had their labels removed. Located in Wicker Park in Chicago. I will hang on to them until August, but...
  3. texaviator23

    Texas 10 Gallon Spike V3 Kettle - Dallas

    I’ve upgraded my brewing tech and its time to get rid of some stuff. This is a Spike V3 kettle with the ball valve, dial thermometer, side pickup tube, stainless biab false bottom, The Brew Bag. The kettle has a 2in tri clamp port in the back for an element. I used a 2000w element and controller...
  4. M

    Georgia 2 15 gal Concord SS pots New in box

    i have 2 new still in the box concord pots that i no longer need. $40 plus shipping
  5. Schreiner

    Wisconsin 60 quart BrewRite brew kettle

    $190 OBO+shipping 60 quart BrewRite brew kettle Heavy duty stainless steel with tri-clad bottom Includes: -welded bottom port with side pick up tube -weldless port with adjustable whirlpool tube -Blichmann Brewmometer with aluminum heat shield. -lid notched for chiller Including SS spoon with...