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  1. P

    Bar Gun equipment guidance.

    Hi. I'm new here, but look forward to learning a lot about how to build out my new custom soda system in my new house, and how to make my own custom soda syrups. Let's start with the immediate concern. I have a four flavor bar-gun that I am going on install in the kitchen of the new house we're...
  2. B

    Commercial Supplies suggestions?

    I'm struggling to find things that are commercially approved to carbonate, bottle fill, and cap that are decent enough sized and priced for a small business brewery. The things i'm finding are either much larger scale than what the business currently is, or way too high of a price for the...
  3. S

    Soda advice

    Hello Everyone, I just started to play around with making birch beer in 5 gal korny kegs to hopefully eventually sell on draft in our business. I am having a few issues and am hoping to get some insight from those with more experience with this. I am using a TRUE kegerator with an air-cooled...
  4. S

    First time canning soda questions

    Hey everyone, hope you’re all well. This is my first time posting so bare with me. So I’m trying to can soda for the first time as well as figuring out the best method to maintain the carbonation integrity. To start, I read that 35-39° F is an ideal temperature to can soda; This temp makes sure...
  5. S

    Kegged Soda

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it should take to carbonate flavored soda? I heard it can take a while due to the amount of sugar dissolved in the liquid. I've been carbonating since Saturday at about 45 PSI between 0ºC to 2ºC. There are some faint bubbles but not enough to make it a good drink...
  6. S

    Carbonation levels and CO2 charts

    Hi, new member here. =) I have been looking at information about the CO2 charts and I have a few questions: 1. Is there analytical data about how long it should take to reach a certain volume at a certain pressure and temperature? I'm considering light beers/sodas for this question, and even...
  7. J

    Beer/ soda carbonation

    Hello, So i made my first batch of beer and my wife has asked me to make soda for her. I am bottle conditioning my beer, however she wants the soda to be 100% non alcoholic. Is there a way to carbonate soda THEN bottle it? If so what would i need?
  8. GreenSmithGoodness

    Bottling Fermented Shrub Soda

    I've been really into fermenting fruit shrubs and using them in mixed drinks and as added flavors for soda. How can I bottle it without pasturizing it, while maintaining the quality of the product? similarly, I have also been fermenting elderflower champagne and want to do the same. This is...
  9. J

    The Latest On Craft Soda

    If there is a topic that is not up for debate, it is that craft beer is a mighty beast, and there is nothing stopping this beast from barreling down most any other alcoholic beverage. What can be debated, however, is the legitimacy of craft soda and its uprising. Some see craft soda riding the...
  10. letsallgoforasoda

    Has any one used liquid yeast to make rootbeer.

    please bare with me I have no home brew experience outside of soda I have been naturally carbonating Root beer for a month or so now. I'm wondering if anyone has any input on using liquid ale yeast? I seem to have a more sediment in the bottom of the 16oz ez tops I use. All the recipes I have...
  11. C

    Pressurized Keg / Flat Soda

    Hello - I am new to the soda game and hoping this forum might be able to help me overcome some obstacles I have encountered in my pursuit. I have had luck developing recipes and executing them on the 1L level with a carbonation cap but am yet to have any of them carbonate when trying in a 5G...
  12. simmus

    Hoppy Water Beverage - Doing it the pro way?

    Hello everybody. Just trying to make a shelf stable fizzy hop water for events where alcohol is frowned upon (and to save money!). Hope you guys can help! Reading a ton of blogs about how to make this, mainly these articles (not exhaustive) help give an idea about how to make this stuff at...
  13. J

    Making "Soda Foam"

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum, and new to soda making in general. I was inspired to make soda syrup by the 1909 edition of Rigby's Reliable Candy Maker, and it contains a recipe for "soda foam," which reads as follows - 8 ounces soap bark chips Place them in 1 gallon of boiling water...
  14. A

    Using a Syrup pack with a beer fountain

    Hi HomebrewTalk I'm new around here and have just recently inherited a beer fountain. Sort of like this type. I'm based in a country which doesn't sell Dr Pepper. Yet, it's ultimately my most favorite soda. So I wondered if it would be possible to purchase a gallon of syrup and make it work...
  15. T

    BIB production

    Hi all, in a short time the company I work for will be starting to produce our own Soda syrup for distribution. I've been tasked with learning as much as possible about the entire process and have been having trouble finding information on this type of production. While there is plenty of info...
  16. B

    Need help with soda kegerator for wife!

    Hi! I don’t know anything about kegerators but have been researching a lot can someone please help me figure out everything I need for at home Diet Coke kegerator: Actual kegerator Cornelius Keg - would I fill with carbonated water or regular? In hopes of not needing a water line Bag in box...
  17. N

    Help me design better mineral water

    Hello all, I am on a quest to build better tasting mineral water. San Pellegrino-ish is my goal. I have all the usual mineral salts from beer brewing. Based on my starting point below, what do you think is my best bet for additions scaled to 18.93L / 5 US gallon Corny keg?
  18. NorthCountyBrewing

    Missouri McCann's E4 Carbonator Pump w/soda pump

    McCann's E4 Carbonator Pump for sale.Used, still works perfect. Comes with one Coke style Bag-in-Box Soda pump. Free Shipping to Lower 48. $300 OBO. PayPal.
  19. T

    Soda Syrup Recipes

    Hi everyone! I have been brewing sodas for a couple years now and am planning to start a beverage business in the next couple months. In order to market my sodas to restaurants, I would like to develop syrup versions of my recipes, but I don't really know where to begin. So I thought I'd see...
  20. funkswing

    Replace Soda Regulator Guage for Beer?

    I just got a soda regulator with two low pressure gauges (0-160 psi) and a high pressure gauge. Can I just simply simply unscrew and replace the 0-160 psi gauges with a 0-60 psi gauge to more accurately set my co2 levels? Also, the regulator didn't come with shutoff valves, which I...