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  1. M

    SNA Help

    Started my first mead on Sunday. It’s a 1 gallon traditional. The honey I used ended up having a few “chunks” when I was mixing it up. SG showed 1.106 but over a several hour period appears to have went up to 1.122 before beginning to drop. Not sure if some small pieces slowly dissolved over...
  2. Andrew Hodgson

    Yeast Energizer as Mead Nutrient

    I have made one mead so far, JAOM. In an effort to unlearn the things I assumed to be true when making this mead I am now looking to do a traditional in order to learner the proper techniques of mead-making. I have a bag of Yeast Energizer from my LHBS, I use it sparingly in my beer brewing...
  3. M

    SNA Confusion

    I purchased everything I would need to start my first mead, a 1 gallon traditional dry mead, a couple months ago, some stuff came up and it got pushed back. I started researching SNA again to refresh my memory and it's got to be one of the hardest things to research. Most articles seem to be...