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  1. michio

    Mead taste good, smells awful. suggestions?

    Hey Y'all My watermelon mead wasn't (link) a complete disaster. The taste came out tasting, like watermelons of course but the smell is awful. It smells like bad watermelon or a dirty shoe and smell is sort of apart of taste. No bacteria growth as far as i can tell. Good clarity and Fermented...
  2. S

    Plasticky Residue in Old Primary Fermenter

    So I got out my plastic primary fermenter (35 liter) and opened the lid. Terrible smell. Not sure how to describe it. Aromatic plastic maybe. In the bottom of the fermenter, there's a clear, thick, syrupy substance. 3 millimeters. Tried spraying it out with water, but it does not appear to be...