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  1. nreed

    Beer smells strange after 10 days primary

    Hi all. First post, 3rd brew currently in the primary fermenter. I started with two pretty basic recipes using a Kona Big Wave clone which turned out nice but wanted something a little bigger on flavour so decided to try a BrewDog Hop Fiction clone. I’ve just dry hopped on day 10 in the...
  2. L

    Will it smell?

    Hello, I am going to brew my first bottle of Hard Apple Cider. I really wonder if it is going to smell bad and if it is going to linger or if the smell is going to come out of the closet. Here’s what I will do: buy two 1 litres of natural pasturized apple juice, pour out a bit of those two...
  3. P

    Rotten Egg Smell

    Just racked my mead into a bucket for secondary, and I noticed a rotten egg-like smell. I've heard from a friend that using a bit of copper can clear out the smell, and that the batch should be fine so long as I get it out. I have a spare copper pressure tube cap that I can sanitize (still in...
  4. B

    Hydrogen sulfide or maybe DIsulfide erradication....HELP

    Hello all, I have an issue with Hydrogen sulfide in a batch of Petite Pearl homemade wine. I grew the grapes myself. Somewhere along the way after primary I noticed the tell tale sulfur smell. I have gone through about every measure I have read about. I have additions of yeast nutrients early...
  5. K

    Hard Seltzer smells like shrimp

    I'm fairly new at home brewing, and just made my first attempt at Hard Seltzer (raspberry). Tried it for the first time, tasted good, looked clear, smells like seafood (or something similar). My only thought was I used one of those two-stage packets for clarifying, and believe at least one...
  6. D

    Does homebrewing smell? New Blog Post and Video!

    I often get the question from those who are interested in starting with homebrewing if it smells. So I decided to make a video about it. I think it is part of the brewing. If you don't like videos, I also wrote a blog post about it. BTW! If you have not already...
  7. S

    Plasticky Residue in Old Primary Fermenter

    So I got out my plastic primary fermenter (35 liter) and opened the lid. Terrible smell. Not sure how to describe it. Aromatic plastic maybe. In the bottom of the fermenter, there's a clear, thick, syrupy substance. 3 millimeters. Tried spraying it out with water, but it does not appear to be...
  8. K

    getting rid of the smell in a smart way

    I'll start from the beginning. I have a conical tank and a brite tank. Both have been sanitized to perfection. Transferred unpasteurized apple juice to the conical tank, added around 80g of K-meta to my 800 liter juice, a few hours later added the required DAP. Next day, pitched Safale S-04...
  9. S

    Anyone around Dallas,TX want to help me out?

    I made a post in the beginner's forum, but I'm having some issues getting an AG batch to go right. I would love if a member could come and help me by either going through a brew day with me to point out any mistakes that I'm making, but most importantly I would love if someone could come and...
  10. S

    I'm at my wits end and really need some help

    Hey Guys, I'm a new brewer, I got an extract kit for Christmas and started with that, which turned out pretty good. I've since started trying to do all grain 5 gallon batches and have not had any success. I would really appreciate it if you guys could follow the process that I've been through...
  11. T

    Expired Yeast Taste & Smell

    I've seen multiple posts that expired yeast can still be good past its expiration date, but not too many on how the yeast should taste and smell. What should healthy yeast smell and taste like, and how to know if its gone bad? I have 2 packages of the white labs purepitch yeast, packaged mar...
  12. B

    Fridge door with glue smell, okay to put fermenting beer inside?

    I made a temperature-controlled fermentation chamber by buying a minifridge off kijiji (craigslist for Canada), removing the plastic shelving on the door, then gluing the rubber (vinyl?) outline that holds the seal for the fridge door back onto it. I asked someone at the hardware store what glue...
  13. A

    Beer smells

    What will contaminated beer smell like because I fear mine has become infected? Thanks