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  1. M

    New Home Brewer Bangkok Thailand

    Hi everyone, I live in Bangkok, and I was just given a Mr. Beer kit to start my home brewing adventure. I know this kit is a very simple start to home brewing. I am hoping to learn and move up and expand from here. Looking forward to learning from all of you. Hopefully some people can share some...
  2. V

    For Sale Small Batch Equipment - Very Gently USED -- SFV/SO CAL

    Hello All- I have some equipment that was only used for 1 batch. I switched to a small batch setup but then had another kid and just ran out of time and interest to keep up with the hobby. Sadly I need to cut my losses again. Here is what I have: Anvil 5.5 gal brew kettle - $90 $80...
  3. leeeroy

    Kegging 2.5 gal batch in 5 gal corny keg

    Novice homebrewer and new to the forum here. Are there any downsides to kegging smaller batches in a larger corny keg? I have acquired some 5 gallon corny kegs but only have the equipment to mash and boil smaller batches. I think the only downside is that it would take more CO2 to force carb...
  4. peted

    Small Batch in Grainfather - Sparge?

    Hi, I have just bought myself the micro pipe set for the grain father and planning on doing a small batch this weekend. As this is a small batch, I can fit all the needed liquor in the kettle during the mash. This would be nice, reducing the need to set up the sparge heater and having to do...
  5. J

    Picobrew Z For Sale

    Hi All I have a slightly used Picobrew Z for sale. Frisco TX (Dallas). Asking $2000. Comes with extras including extra 5 gal corny. pickup only for now.
  6. D

    Brew Rig - Small Batch Brew Cart

    I needed a compact, small footprint area for brewing and storage of frequently used brew equipment so I put together a 18" x 24" wire cart. 120V electric brewing is my choice for small batches and the controller I built allows for many variations of equipment and control including the integrated...
  7. D

    RKnights Small Batch Brew Rig

    I started homebrewing about 5 months ago with a mr. beer kit and have really been intrigued by the DIY aspect of it and have built most everything from scratch. My wort chiller is different than usual because it hooks into the mash tuns ball valve on the inside and then i fill the cooler up with...
  8. Penghu Brews

    Dissolving DME in cold water to scale up recipe

    Hello everyone. New brewer here (well, on my fifth batch of the summer and totally addicted!) This forum has been a huge help to me and so here I am with my first post. Please be gentle! I've so far been doing 1 gallon batches from extract (light DME) and experimenting with different recipes...
  9. D

    Mini BIAB Build

    Looking at building a mini BIAB system to test recipes; my goal is to make either 1 or 2.5 gallon batches. I want to augment this design I saw on Short Circuited Brewers on youtube to go on a gas stovetop. This is what I'm thinking so far: 3 Gallon SS pot from Amazon (with pasta basket) Stand...
  10. HardyFool

    Sous Vide Brewing - 2 Pints

    Hello everyone! I was intrigued a few years back by a thread in which someone used an Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker as a pseudo-RIMS for mash control; the idea was to use a chinois or hop strainer to create a grain-free zone in the mash tun, in which the cooker was placed. Some noted that...
  11. T

    2.75 gallon batches - Yeast pitch advise??

    I have 2.75 gallons going into the fermenter for a final volume of 2.5 gallons in the keg. I have brewed two batches on this new little system I have and both times my wort has just tasted kinda "off". Both batches have been around 1.050-1.060 gravity and I have pitched 5 gallon yeast packs in...
  12. BlackQueenBrews


    New homebrewer from NE Ohio! Got a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas and brewed my first batch last weekend-Long Play IPA. Looking forward to great conversation and tips in my home brewing journey I live in an apartment so, the Mr. Beer system is ideal! I really like fruit beers and sours but...
  13. C

    Small batch brewing.

    Would 1.5 gallons in a 2 gallon fermenter bucket give it enough head room?
  14. A

    Bitter hopping 2 weeks into fermentation?

    Hi all: made a small 2 gallon batch, tested and tasted it two weeks into fermentation and it's ready to bottle. Only problem is it's way too sweet, I underhopped the bill so the hops wouldn't be overpowering, now I'm wondering if I can take out some beer (or use a small amount of spring water...
  15. A

    Brewing Small Batches

    I am going on my 3rd brew now. I've brewed only with a buddy of mine, but would like to try some smaller trial batches in between our big brew days. We are brewing all grain 5 gallon batches, and I would love to do something around 2 gallon batches during the interim. Here are a few of the...
  16. B

    Small Batch Yield

    I just brewed my first 2.5 gallon batch to put into my FastFerment 3 gallon conical. I'm kind of disappointed, because I brewed a Session IPA and used a hop "basket" (, and still ended up with a bunch of trub in my...
  17. J

    First custom recipe

    I'm brewing my first custom recipe next week. My plan is to do a basic extract IPA recipe but to use a blend of CItra ,Summit, and Galaxy hops. Any experiences in blending those hops? Or suggestions?
  18. B

    Small Electric BIAB System Design

    Hey guys, I have been brewing for a couple of years, but am looking to make some changes in the way I do things. I am currently planning on going to smaller batches (I currently do partial mashes with 4-5lbs of grain), because I don't drink my brews super quickly, and it would also enable me to...
  19. F

    1 gallon bucket with spigot

    Hi all I want to experiment with 1 gallon batches and want to know where I can buy a 2 gallon bucket with a spigot. I have seen similar stuff on sale (see - but I don't want to pay $50 since I have everything...