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  1. P

    Can I salvage an opened package of liquid yeast

    Brewing a small batch tomorrow and won’t need the the whole package of liquid yeast can I save it and keep it in the fridge for my next batch? How would I make a slurry? What would the steps be?
  2. HemanBrew

    Got some slurry from the fermenter to bottles. Problem?

    Hi I bottled yesterday, and after I had the half of the beers bottled, I accidentally knocked the autosiphon so that the slurry from the bottom got little mixed to the beer in fermenter. So the rest of the bottles have now more matte-color beer while the first bottles have clear beer. Does the...
  3. IslandLizard

    Separating yeast slurry from trub through filtering

    This question came up in a recent thread related to reusing yeast, where a homebrewer tossed 2 oz of dry hops in his primary, wondering whether he could reuse the yeast as is or would be able to remove the hop pulp. The past 6 months I've been using a method to separate yeast slurry from the...