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  1. CWoodard

    Potassium Sorbate argument re-visited

    This is about stuck fermentation in a cider; yes there are other threads about dealing with preservatives like potassium sorbate (k-sorb). Problem: Very slow / stuck fermentation Brew: 5 gallons of Nature's Nectar Apple Cider (with potassium sorbate, but the raw cider "requires...
  2. fishbowlbrewco

    White floater questions (and pics) for 8 month Belgian Dark Strong Ferment

    Hey Y’all. We’ve got a situation and I’m not sure what our next steps should be. We’ve got our Belgian dark strong which was brewed 8 months ago. It had a pretty slow ferment. Started at 1.114 OG and got down to 1.040 after 3 months. So, I transferred it into new sanitized and co2 purged...
  3. Bertramhage

    How to know when primary fermentation is over when speed is slow (Wild fermentation)

    I put over a batch of mead now a month ago with good quality local honey and added some raisins and prunes for nutrients. I’m doing a wild fermentation without any added yeasts or sulfites. It took a bit for fermentation to start but is now bubbling - however slowly. I’ve read from other sources...
  4. SKBugs

    Strawberry (Cabana) that has slowed down

    My brew has slowed down considerably. It is still going, but no where near what i am used to. It's maybe a 1.5 gal batch with 2 pound of strawberries straight in at primary. No banana yet as i was going to put it in secondary with another 2 pound of strawberries The yeast was 2 smack packs...
  5. B

    Stuck or just Slow?

    I have a 3 gallon batch of melomel going at the moment with 71b OB honey pomegranate juice and blue berry juice. Starting gravity was 1.120 and temp has been 65f using a thermowell and inkbird to keep it accurate. I have followed TOSNA 3 for the nutrient additions as well with Ferm O and Fermaid...
  6. B

    No Fermentation After Days Since Pitch

    I primarily homebrew beer but have done cider in the past and followed this same routine with different yeast strains and have had no issue. I picked up 5 gallons of unpasturized cider last week and threw in 7 campden tablets (recommended 1-1.5 per gallon). I waited 24 hours then added pectin...
  7. jjyoung

    Slow ferments with 1056

    I've brewed 3 pale ales with SGs of 1.050, 1.048, and 1.061. The first 2 were AG and the 3rd was a extract with adjuncts tea bagged. In all three cases I got a strong krausen. The AGs had a lag time of about 6 hours, the extract, which had a smaller started, had a lag time of about 12 hours...