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  1. C

    How much beer can I put in a 7 gallon fermenter?

    As the headline says, how much beer can I safely put in my 7 gallon conical fermenter without losing too much Krausen through a blowoff tube? Should I stick with 5 or could I fill it to 6 gallons?
  2. Thehopman

    Fermenter size

    Hey everyone, I am actually brewing on a 5 gallons system, and ready to upgrade for bigger batches. I'm gonna get a 15 gallons kettle and mash tun (15.9 real capacity), but I'm not so sure on the fermenter size I should get, as I am actually brewing mostly hazy IPAs, but also plan on brewing...
  3. b13bs

    Brew pot larger than burner

    I am upgrading my equipment from extract to 5 gal all-grain. I will use a propane burner but I wonder if a specific kettle is too big for it. My propane burner is Martin R65 and is 16" diameter. The kettle that I'm looking to buy has a outer diameter of 17.7". So, my kettle would be larger...
  4. C

    brew pots

    I am looking to get into brewing some beer after trying my hand at wine. I have 2 questions regarding brew pots. First, if I am making a 5 gallon batch, how big of brew pot will I need? Secondly, where can I get a good quality one at a lower price? All help is greatly appreciated...