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  1. N

    15 Gallon Complete Brew Rig $550

    I am selling my single tier 3 kettle brew rig. All vessels have quick connects and temperature gauges. Mash tun and boil kettle have false bottoms. I will also include a 15 gallon brew bag for easy clean up. Each vessel has a Bg14 burner for quick boils. I made a custom propane manifold that...
  2. R

    Wood Frame Brutus RIMS Project

    Detailed step by step project pictures are shown in this gallery (reverse chronological order): My goal for this project was to produce a Brutus style RIMS system, but without welding equipment or knowledge I was limited to either a...
  3. shawnguinn

    New Brew stand, need burner help

    I’m building a new brew stand and have my Bayou BG-14 burners ordered, does anyone have the distance from bolt hole to bolt hole so I can start on the mounting brackets???????? Great place to purchase Bayou 10" high pressure burners cheep ($29.95 each) ...
  4. E

    Two burner brew stand

    I just finished putting together a little two burner brew stand and want to share the details in case anyone else wants to adopt/modify what I've done. I developed my design with help from brew sculpture pics on this site. I don't plan on doing herms/rims but wanted to be able to do two...
  5. chrisknight

    Chris Knight's brew rig

    I've been brewing with my boil keggle so long with these other 2 lonely, so I decided to start on my rig finally... This will be a KISS single tier with a single pump, all manual control. In my opinion, a fully automated system would be a blast to build but once finished, it takes the fun...
  6. mplutodh1

    Brewery Build - Single Tier HERMS

    Preface: This project began, as many home brewing projects do, as a discussion over a few beers, debating the possibilities, costs and rewards of building a small scale brewery as a family. A father, the engineer, and two sons, the oldest of which is project driven OCD, the other the fun loving...