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  1. J

    Help me build a low stress e-brewery

    Hi all, I have been in the hobby for about 12 years. Started with a few batches of extract, then have been doing standard all grain cooler mash and batch sparging, with either cooktop gas in the winter or propane burner in the summer. I have added things through the years (eg temp controlled...
  2. JGF

    Help with a simple setup

    I've been brewing - on and off depending upon free time and where I've lived - for 25 years so. I started with extract many years ago and have done all grain for about 15 years. Brewed sub-4% beers to about a 13% barely wine. Done a few sours, parti-gyles, multi-step mashes, etc. So, I'm no...
  3. D

    Simple Excel Calculator for small batches

    Here is a simple excel spread I use to calculate everything I need for my set up. I also use beersmith, but sometimes once I have a recipe made its easier to use this for the process. I do small 3G batches with only a single mashout. Normally i add the water to my cooler and slowly introduce the...
  4. StarCityBrewMaster

    <----Starting All Grainer - wants simple recipes!

    Looking for some of your favorite all grain recipe's that aren't loaded with goods. Kind of like those books: 100 meals you can cook with 5 ingredients or less. Real simple but REALLY good beers that I can kick off my all grain process with.