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  1. H

    Adventures at Beer Camp!

    Recently I was lucky enough to join a friends Sierra Nevada Beer Camp team in Chico, CA. I had seen the Beer Camp series mixed cases in the stores, and being a NorCal native, I had a pretty good idea about Sierra Nevada " or so I thought. For those who dont know what Beer Camp is, starting in...
  2. A

    The Brewmasters: Steven Dresler - Sierra Nevada

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is America's prototypical pale ale, the BJCP's first example of the style, and a beer that Steven Dresler has been brewing for thirty years. Steven is the brewmaster of Sierra Nevada. He's been there nearly since its inception, one of their first employees, moving from...
  3. kevafuu

    Homebrewing Love Story (and vote for us)

    Hi All, I want to share how homebrewing brought my fiancee and I together and hear your stories of love gained or lost from homebrewing. There is an ulterior motive here: My fiancee and I are very close to the finals of Sierra Nevada's Oktoberfest Royal Wedding celebration, and we would love...