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  1. JohnayyBoyy

    So im new to all of this.....

    Back in February I decided to pre-order the Pico Z, and along with doing so I had to get all the necessary equipment to properly Ferment and Dispense the magnificent beers that the machine would be able to make. After looking at many Chest Freezers and Kegerators the wife and I got to talking...
  2. S

    Another side by side kegerator/fermentation chamber build

    I'm new to home brewing - have only brewed a few batches. I've been having some issues with a sour smell to my last few batches and noticed my pantry is getting a little warm, so I decided to go ahead and make a fermentation chamber. My dad had this old fridge, so I got to work and knocked it...
  3. Jtk78

    My side by side to kegerator conversion

    This is my journey of converting an upright refrigerator to a kegerator. Both the fridge and the freezer will be used to house kegs and need to be the same temperature. I will update the thread as I do more to it. DISCLAIMER: I will not guarantee any of my modifications will work on your model...