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  1. hibbleton

    10% Off New Brewing Shirts

    Hey everyone, Long-time reader, first-time seller. My wife and I recently started a design company, Vistaful Designs, selling print on demand shirts on Etsy. Being a homebrewer for the past 15 years, I couldn't help but put some beer and brewing shirts in our shop. To celebrate the opening of...
  2. A

    You're Running out of Time - Enter the Giveaway Now!

    If you haven't already joined the HomeBrewTalk Big Giveaway you need to now. You're running out of time to get entered and you don't want to miss out on this amazing opportunity to take home some top dollar prizes. Our very generous participating sponsors have donated so much it's unbelievable...
  3. A Giveaway - Enter Now!

    A long time Sponsor and good friend of the community, Craig, head of has donated some of his Homebrew4Heroes Swag to be given away here on HomeBrewTalk! Here's a link with a bit more about Homebrew4Heroes, a noble cause ensuring our service men and women a taste of home...
  4. J

    Homebrewing T-Shirts & Decal

    I have a few T-shirts I designed and a slick Euro Decal. if anyone is interested message me for details. $20 shipped for shirts and $5 for the Decal. I'm not a company just have a few designs i printed up to see if anyone has interest in.
  5. Craft Beer


    Hi All, We are CRAFT BEER ONLY, an apparel company created to support local craft beer and home-brewers alike! We've just created our first shirt and were looking for some feedback, we hope that our product will help show your pride and share with friends and family. Below is the link to our...
  6. fermentinginpa

    BrewSwag is Back on HomeBrewTalk - New Coupon for Fresh Tees

    BrewSwag is back! Well, we never actually went away. The site has been going strong but our sponsorship did lapse for a few months. We have a bunch of new products in the pipeline that we can't wait to show you. In the meantime, we are having a September sale that will let you save 10% on any...
  7. grandstand

    BOGO Sale! Get FREE glassware with an Apparel Order

    Grandstand is currently running a Buy-One Get-One promotion. Order a minimum of 72 select apparel items, and get 72 FREE one-color pint glasses! Place a larger apparel order, get MORE free glassware. Plus, more glass styles, like Belgian or Revival, to choose from. Legitimize your Homebrew club...
  8. T

    HomeBrewTalk Growlers

    I just got the growlers and these things are awesome! 64 oz, printed front and back with the HomeBrewTalk logo, follow this link now to purchase yours!