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  1. L

    Trade Beer Better: A Guide

    All beer traders worry about the safety of their beer mail. Nothing is worse than expecting a box full of delicious beers and instead receiving a wet box full of broken glass. For this reason, when first starting to trade, beer-trading 101 is all about how to properly package and ship your...
  2. B

    Bottling from Kegerator and Temperature

    I've got a corny keg of Belgian Golden Strong Ale on tap and I'd like to bottle a few direct from the kegerator and then ship them to a friend. The keg is obviously cold (serving temp) now. If I bottle at current temperature and then ship, will the beer heating up during shipping have an adverse...
  3. Toastman

    shipping war shenanigans-are they a good deal?

    I have to say its nice to see some healthy competition happening among the supply companies when it comes to shipping. This can really turn a good deal into an average, or even a not so-average deal. Companies like Northern and Midwest even offering free shipping over $30 while still maintaining...
  4. BarleyBeaver[BANNED]

    Free Shipping on $150 orders!

    Here at Canuck Homebrew Supply, we love to be able to ship packages all over Canada, and help grow the already booming industry of Craft Brewing! With a minimum order of $150 for Free Shipping, we can supply a wider area of Canada without compromising our prices or product quality...