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  1. BrewersVocation

    Sold Prototype? SS Brewtech Valve Tree $250 w/Shipping

    Got this in a lot that I bought. I can't find it on SS Brewtechs website. It's a mix between the stand alone valve Tree and the valve Tree for the brewbox. $250, free shipping. Venmo/PayPal FF
  2. Hoppy2bmerry

    New York 25th Annual Brew Off Homebrew Competition

    Click the link to register and get your entries in- 25th Annual BEER Brew Off There’s a limit of 200 paid entries, so don’t miss out! Almost back to normal! The club used to have this event at Great South Bay, in Bayshore, NY but the brewery has grown and couldn’t accommodate the competition...
  3. L

    Trade Beer Better: A Guide

    All beer traders worry about the safety of their beer mail. Nothing is worse than expecting a box full of delicious beers and instead receiving a wet box full of broken glass. For this reason, when first starting to trade, beer-trading 101 is all about how to properly package and ship your...
  4. B

    Bottling from Kegerator and Temperature

    I've got a corny keg of Belgian Golden Strong Ale on tap and I'd like to bottle a few direct from the kegerator and then ship them to a friend. The keg is obviously cold (serving temp) now. If I bottle at current temperature and then ship, will the beer heating up during shipping have an adverse...
  5. Toastman

    shipping war shenanigans-are they a good deal?

    I have to say its nice to see some healthy competition happening among the supply companies when it comes to shipping. This can really turn a good deal into an average, or even a not so-average deal. Companies like Northern and Midwest even offering free shipping over $30 while still maintaining...
  6. BarleyBeaver[BANNED]

    Free Shipping on $150 orders!

    Here at Canuck Homebrew Supply, we love to be able to ship packages all over Canada, and help grow the already booming industry of Craft Brewing! With a minimum order of $150 for Free Shipping, we can supply a wider area of Canada without compromising our prices or product quality...