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  1. gjcourt

    California Kegerator Hardware

    $100 3 - perlick faucets, stainless 4 - 4” shanks, stainless 1 - 4-way gas manifold
  2. D

    Kansas Keezer/Kegerator Materials

    All of these parts are like new. I downgraded my keg system and no longer have a need for them. With this you can turn a deep freeze or refrigerator into a Keggerator. Perfect for somebody who homebrews and wants to take the next step to kegging. I am willing to answer any questions. Bought new...
  3. Jaspers

    Shank for intertap?

    So i just got my new Intertap FC and it doesn't fit my shank. Does anyone have an AliExpress link for a shank that would work with an intertap faucet? Thanks!
  4. bubba_drums

    Stuck Shank and faucet

    Good afternoon everyone! I am having a bit of trouble getting one of my faucets off of it's tower shank to give it a proper cleaning. So much trouble that I snapped the tooth off of the spanner wrench and had to replace it. Thus far I have tried, hot water and boiling water poured over the...
  5. OrionPax

    How would you keep your keezer faucets cold?

    I'm in the R&D planning phase of building a collar and converting a freezer for my brews. While researching I noticed on a couple of occasions where the brewers mentioned the faucets were warm enough that they were getting excess amounts of foam. One youtube video even mentioned the use of...
  6. DMCarson

    Wierd Guinness Faucet/Shank Issue

    I found and purchased this guinness faucet/tap thinking from the picture I could probly fit a beer nut on the end...no luck...I am going to check out threading of some bolts at the hardware store to see if any of them match...does anyone have a clue as to how I can use this. It is seamingly the...