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  1. MaxStout

    American Stout Max Stout, 'Murican Style

    I put together this recipe with some spare grains I had on hand. I do a lot of these, call them Leftovertures. ;) I was aiming for a robust, hop-forward session stout, at or just under 5% ABV, with a nice roasty balance and a rich body. It was kind of an oddball collection of ingredients thrown...
  2. D

    The Quest for the Perfect session NEIPA!

    I have been experimenting for a while now to find a good balance for a seasonable NEIPA. And I will continue doing so. At what ABV would you consider A session NEIPA to be? I'm thinking at least under 5% ABV.
  3. H

    Session IPA for a hot, 3-day weekend in George, WA

    Putting together 2 beers for labor day weekend. Trying to keep at least one of them sessionable and came up with this simple recipe. Interested to see what everyone thinks. Mash @152F with pH of 5.3-5.4 2-Row 5.5# Bairds Marris Otter 1823 4.0# Columbus 0.5oz for 45 min Columbus 0.5 oz for 15...
  4. T

    Prairie Vous Francais extract clone help!

    I really want to jump into a sour beer with something low abv, crisp, and refreshing. Could anyone help with an extract clone of Prairie Vous Francais from Prairie Artisan Ales? This is what the website says, “Prairie Vous Francais is our farmhouse ale modeled after our first beer, Prairie...
  5. S

    SuperSession Brewing

    Alcohol and I are on a little break, but why should that stop the homebrewing? I'm working on perfecting the Low Alcohol (<1% ABV) beers. My questions to the experts is...can I switch up the brewing process and mash->ferment->boil? I'm thinking mash first, then hit it with Camden tabs or...