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  1. D

    Newbie question on potential options

    Hi all, Total newbie here but I would love to get more into brewing as a hobby. I have only ever brewed using a Pinter ( It's pretty simple to be honest. I would like to have more control over the process and brew larger batches (that will hopefully work out cheaper!)...
  2. A

    Keg pressure after carbonation

    Hi all, I kegged my first beer and it turned out great. I do however have a couple of questions that none of the guides I find online seem to answer; - after the beer has carbonated to satisfactory levels, you drop it to ~10 psi to serve. After pouring a glass, Do you then have to crank it...
  3. snarf7

    Carbing pressure vs Serving pressure

    I have two CO2 tank systems, one is my utility tank that I use for carbing my kegs, blowing out lines etc while the other is permanently hooked up to the kegerator and set at around 8 psi to push my beer (I have a 4-way manifold that splits the single line-in to the 4 kegs) So what I'm...
  4. tateconcepts

    Compact tap and CO2 regulator for PicoBrew Serving Keg?

    Hi all, So I've been desiring to test out one of these PicoBrew models and recently took the plunge for $300. It's an interesting little wort maker and I do like the FreeStyle crafting options available. In any case, I wasn't getting the Pro model this low and I already had limited space...
  5. soldstatic

    Serving a cream ale (or stout)

    This has been brought up in several threads, but I wanted to assemble some information into one good starter post, then ask for advice. I used to think that they dissolved nitrogen into the beer to get those teeny weeny bubbles in a cream ale or guiness style stout. I don't believe that is...