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  1. C

    Hop Water/Seltzer - Troubleshooting Carbonation and Dispensing

    Having some issues getting a proper/well carbed hop water pour. I believe I have it carbed to the correct volume (right around 4) and I'm using an adequate amount of tubing, but something isn't adding up. The pressure is excessive at the beginning of the pour resulting in a burst of foam...
  2. D

    Seltzer (or beer, I suppose)

    Hi all, I love all the info and different ideas on this whole forum. Very helpful, and enlightening. I’ve been thinking about doing a seltzer. Quick question… If I was to cold crash before the seltzer was done fermenting, would it leave some residual sweetness in it? ie: target FG is 0.997...
  3. Mattyg91

    Need Some Help With Seltzer Fermentation…

    Hey everyone, I know this isn’t about cider but I can’t find a thread in seltzer. So, I’m sorry about that but hoping you can help. I’m making a 5 gal seltzer with Kveik Lutra and white lanes seltzer max yeast nutrients. After fermentation, I’ll be adding root beer extract, back sweetening...
  4. AsherF

    Seltzer Agitation

    Ok so I know there have been a lot of ridiculous questions about using a magnetic stirrer on a keg, but I think I have a real use for it. I am looking to agitate a 3 gal keg I use for seltzer. I have a waterline and float set up so that it always stays full, and I don't have to constantly fill...
  5. milobrews

    Use of fruit squash for hard seltzer

    I have been working through some hard seltzer kits I got at half price and would like to continue making it for my partner. It’s pretty simple, to make, but I think finding flavourings we like will be the hardest part outside of kits. In the UK we have fruit squash, which is a fruit syrup...
  6. U

    Seltzer; looking for info

    Hey all, I just put on my first batch of Seltzer and it's day 4 into fermentation and progressing nicely. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info around (that I could find) for the steps after brewing. What I can't seem to land on is a solid idea of how long the fermentation "should" usually...
  7. S

    Help Designing Infinite Seltzer Setup

    Hello all! I am hoping to design an infinite seltzer setup that is half this oldie and half this one. My city water is very hard and fairly unpleasant to drink, so I want to buy 5-gallon jugs of distilled water, remineralize them, pump them to pressure and use that to fill the keg instead of...
  8. apache_brew

    Baking dextrose. Any different?

    Browsing my local restaurant supply store, I came across a 50lb sack of dextrose monohydrate in the baking aisle. Is this the same stuff used for brewing? I'm considering making some seltzers and have been looking to buy some corn sugar. This stuff is $.73/lb.
  9. risottto

    My Infinite Seltzer Setup (the easy way; no carbonator)

    So I used a lot of ideas I found on this forum to upgrade my old kegerator into a limitless seltzer dispenser, I think this way is a lot easier, cheaper, and safer than some of the other methods, so wanted to share so people in the future can reference this method. I did not want to resurrect...
  10. M

    Fermenting Experience With Chia Seeds (Yep Chia Seeds)

    Hello Everyone! So I've been a lurker for a while and recently had the urge to post, for the first time, because of a thread about brewing/fermenting Hard Seltzer. Through my research, I came across a thread on here about someone having a hard time with keeping yeast active long enough to get a...
  11. R

    Could hard seltzer oxidize?

    I’m planning to brew my first seltzer this weekend. Just simple sugar, water and us-05, ferment it as usual and the filter it through active carbon. What I’ve not been able to find is if hard seltzer oxidizes like a usual beer, or if it’s not affected since it’s just water and alcohol. Do...
  12. H

    Sour seltzer!

    Hello! So I’m pretty new to this whole form thing. I’ve been brewing home brew for about a year now and haven’t tried any type of sour yet. I just started a batch of seltzer and really thought a sour seltzer would be the bomb so I pitched the sugar and flavour mixture with a “wild brew sour...
  13. C

    Inherited Parts from roommate looking for help

    All, I've inherited the following parts from my roommate (who has now left). He had dreams of making seltzer water at home and now I'm looking to complete those dreams. Here is what I have - 1 carbonator [from research online it looks like the mccann carbonator] - 1 5 lb tank of CO2 full...
  14. K

    Hard Seltzer smells like shrimp

    I'm fairly new at home brewing, and just made my first attempt at Hard Seltzer (raspberry). Tried it for the first time, tasted good, looked clear, smells like seafood (or something similar). My only thought was I used one of those two-stage packets for clarifying, and believe at least one...