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    Sour seltzer!

    Hello! So I’m pretty new to this whole form thing. I’ve been brewing home brew for about a year now and haven’t tried any type of sour yet. I just started a batch of seltzer and really thought a sour seltzer would be the bomb so I pitched the sugar and flavour mixture with a “wild brew sour...
  2. C

    Inherited Parts from roommate looking for help

    All, I've inherited the following parts from my roommate (who has now left). He had dreams of making seltzer water at home and now I'm looking to complete those dreams. Here is what I have - 1 carbonator [from research online it looks like the mccann carbonator] - 1 5 lb tank of CO2 full...
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    Hard Seltzer smells like shrimp

    I'm fairly new at home brewing, and just made my first attempt at Hard Seltzer (raspberry). Tried it for the first time, tasted good, looked clear, smells like seafood (or something similar). My only thought was I used one of those two-stage packets for clarifying, and believe at least one...