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  1. davielovesgravy

    How to remove Blackberry seeds from my cider brew please??

    Howdy all, a quick question that I Hope someone can help me with. I am making aside a kit and had some blackberries in the freezer which I have blitzed and blended and added when syphoning into another FV for secondary fermentation today, however even though I blended and blended there are still...
  2. Apimyces

    Hop Seed Trade

    Well, it's hop seed harvest month! I know a bunch of us here do hop crosses, so let's see what everyone has to trade? For 2018, I have open pollinated seeds from a few local lupuloides accessions, from a few of my own crosses, and from Nugget, Brewer's Gold, and US Saazer.
  3. H

    grow your own grain

    Any one have info on where to buy grain seed? I bought some 2 row from Johney's seeds but would like some other kind to try. Must be the kind for making beer not to feed animals or cleaning your pond. Mike