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  1. B

    Sold Kegco 3-way CO2 regulator

    Kegco Commercial Grade Three Gauge Secondary Regulator Like new condition, didn't quite fit with my small keezer setup. $75 shipped via paypal, or $60 picked up in NE Ohio.
  2. R

    Switching to external CO2 and Mounting Secondary Regulator on Summit SBC-500B Kegerator

    Hi, all. I know that this topic has been covered numerous times in general and that a lot of people have purchased these now-discontinued kegerators over the years, but I can't find anyone that has done this modification specifically with the Summit SBC-500B Kegerator. I bought this used this...
  3. mirthfuldragon

    Keezer and pressure changes - temperature or slow leak?

    I bought a used keezer a couple of weeks ago. I cleaned everything, and swapped out a four way manifold for a brand new four body Taprite secondary regulator with check valves (mounted inside the keezer). I am trying to figure out if I have a leak. The keezer is located in my detached garage...