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secondary fermentation

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  1. M

    Secondary fermentation and why it makes me crazy

    Why must we all misconstrue secondary fermentation? In this article I will attempt to set straight how to use and how not to use a secondary fermenter. There are two basic schools of thought for fermenting ales: 1. Primary only 2. Primary and Secondary: However, most people do not know what...
  2. M

    Secondary fermentation and why it makes me crazy

    Why must we all misconstrue secondary fermentation? In this article I will attempt to set straight how to use and how not to use a secondary fermenter. There are two basic schools of thought for fermenting ales: 1. Primary only 2. Primary and Secondary: However, most people do not know what...
  3. CrimsonYellow

    Secondary Fermentation with Spice Infused Whisky?

    Hi guys, I tried to search the forum for secondary fermentation with whisky and somehow could only find whisky infusions using wood chips. :tinhat: My brew day, this weekend (my first recipe), is a Vanilla, Cinnamon, Nutmeg Porter. Hops - Williamette and WGV. Pre-mash volume - 18L Batch...
  4. Westgaard

    How much is too much?

    Good afternoon, Bottled/racked to second fermentation an apple wine today and I can’t tell if I need to add some fluid to the bottle or if there is enough in there to keep it from having too much oxygen exposure. I put a pinch of sugar in thinking that I might be able to get a small fermentation...
  5. B

    Carboy for F2

    Hey! I'm currently brewing 6.5 gallons of kombucha for a small market and I'm still perplexed as to how I should efficiently do the secondary fermentation and bottling. I was wondering if it would be possible to use 5 gal carboys for secondary fermentation and flavoring? Then just filter...
  6. Merds

    Russian Imperial Stout - Sudden Mold?

    I have an Imperial Stout that I brewed back Jan 27th. It's been sitting in secondary for about 3 months now and everything was just fine - just haven't been able to get to bottling till this month. All of a sudden about 3 days ago I noticed there was some floaters in it. They appear to have...
  7. N

    Second Fermenter?

    I have recently just started home brewing and absolutely love it. Although it has only been a few months, I have brewed one beer a month since starting. I know I am still very inexperienced but I have been starting to think more about adding a second fermenter to my setup. From what I have...
  8. Z

    Dry hopping advice needed

    Hello, greetings to everyone. This is my first time posting, but I have been reading tons of threads on here throughout my entire brew so thank you all for the wonderful information so far. I have my very first beer in secondary fermentation in a 5 gallon glass carboy currently, I plan to...
  9. A

    Blending too bitter IPA with unhopped wort in secondary fermenter

    Hello everyone! Recently I brewed my first IPA with chinese Nugget, and I had a sip of that yesterday after gravity reading and it's bitterness is way too harsh. It's been fermenting for 11 days already including 5 days of secondary. People say here that bitterness mellows with aging, but I want...
  10. MaxTheSpy

    Secondary Fermentation Mead

    I've noticed that When I rack from primary into secondary (same size container as the first) I gain headroom because I leave out the sediment on the bottom, Headroom in secondary isn't good from what I hear so is there anything that I can do to take up that room? Could I fill it with a gas of...
  11. M

    First one gallon batch... not clearing

    Made my first ever small batch with 1 gallon Whole Foods spring water and 3 Lbs honey, with 30 Whole Foods organic Thompson seedless grapes and 1/3 packet Red Star Premier Blanc yeast. Pitched on Nov 2. Primary seemed normal from what I've read online. Racked to secondary 1 gallon carboy on...
  12. C

    Best Secondary Fermenter?

    Hi, I recently purchased the 7 gal SS brew bucket fermenter which I’m using for my primary. Would it be worth getting another to use as a secondary fermenter or would a carboy still be best since it has reduced headspace? I like the idea of being able to bottle using gravity rather than a siphon...
  13. Craftsman76

    NEIPA secondary fermentor issue

    Anyone see this before? I have brewed a few juicy style NEIPA all were good and held their color even after 8 weeks in the keg. I only made some minor tweaks to recipe but this one turned on me, a day after transferring to secondary. I had a beautiful hazy yellow/orange color in primary and...
  14. sandphan

    Have I ruined my beer!? - secondary fermentation

    I recently started my first batch of beer. I am making a Rose Petal IPA. I recently siphoned into secondary 3 days ago. I steeped some rose petals and put them in a mushlin bag and into the carboy to float. I was worried about the carbonation from the rose petals because they were not sunk to...
  15. sandphan

    Dry Hopping with Rose Petals

    Hi! I recently started homebrewing and am making a Rose Petal IPA. I just siphoned it into a secondary two days ago. I boiled 1 cup of water and 2oz of rose petals and then put the rosewater in the bottom of my secondary and the steeped roses in a muschlin bag and inside of the carboy. I...
  16. S

    How to properly added pumpkin pie spice

    I’m brewing a pumpkin beer and plan on adding some pumpkin pie spice during secondary fermentation. I’ve never added a spice or anything other than sealed packages of hops directly to the carboys during fermentation. Is there anything I need to do to the actual spice to prevent contamination or...
  17. W


    First batch, is it infected? The white on the left side is camera flash. Was in primary from April 1st to May 24th, it has been in secondary since. The bubbles started popping up after putting it into secondary, not exactly sure when specifically however. I did a tasting of it when putting it...
  18. zhooker

    Test Batch w/ Fruit + Store-Bought Beer

    Brewing a saison in a few days, to which I'd like to add some Japanese apricot syrup in secondary. This fruit itself is exceptionally tart, so usually it is mixed 50/50 by weight with a sweetener such as brown sugar, left to macerate/ferment/stew, with the resultant syrup then pasteurized and...
  19. 6midgets

    How long to fruit?

    I recently brewed a Kettle sour. I had a starting gravity of 1.048. I let it ferment down to a gravity of 1.015. I then racked it onto 5# of kiwis and 5#of green pears. I saw airlock activity for 3 days after i added the fruit. My question is how long should i keep it on fruit before i keg?
  20. HomeBrewMasterRace

    Horchata cream ale

    Hi all, I plan to make an extract cream ale and then after fermentation is done, add vanilla beans and cinnamon to it. My question is, should I rack it to a secondary for this or can I pour it into the primary? I should make note that I plan to soak a cinnamon stick and a few vanilla beans...