second fermentation.

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  1. cloudyp

    possibly stupid question

    hey! so this may be a very stupid question but i’m incredibly new to the world of brewing and mead! So i’m wondering, if i make a 5gal batch of standard honey mead with no added flavors could i, after primary fermentation, split that up and do like 2 different flavored or does it all have to...
  2. Sergiy

    No airlock activity

    Hi, I don't see any airlock activity after 24h. I got a lot of headspace in primary, 16 liters in 30 liters plastic carboy. Will i see any activity or headspace are too much? The reason I'm asking because i will go for a secondary for dry hopping, and i want to know when to transfer. Im doing...
  3. Koala-Bear-IPA

    First, Second then pressure barrel.

    This site is incredible! Really bloody awesome.. So, I have a brew down at the minute. It has only been down for 4 days. I am wondering if anyone can see any issues with me transferring (when it has finished it's primary) to a secondary for a week or so (maybe longer) to let it settle. Then...