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  1. Northern_Brewer

    Redhook Longhammer harvest?

    Hey folks I came across a bottle of Redhook Longhammer recently, a rare sight on this side of the pond and bought it on a whim. I assume it’s not bottle conditioned, but I did come across a thread from 2010 where someone had recovered yeast from an unknown Redhook bottle. Has anyone got more...
  2. SmokeyRydr

    Clamp-on Whirlpool arm & Pickup tube

    I've got a 10g Spike Brewing boil kettle and had been using a bazooka tube, a counter-flow chiller and a pump. The kettle only has one flow port, so I was just hanging the return tube over the kettle when was running boil wort through the CFC and pump to sanitize them. I was able to get kind...
  3. SmokeyRydr

    'NewB'rewer in Seattle

    Hi Everyone. I've been lurking on HBT for a while as I've been learning about brewing. Thanks to these forums and the guys at my local shop Brewhouse Provisions (, I've done ten 5-gallon batches so far. Including Strong Belgian Ales, Porters, IPAs...
  4. Kalaloch

    Mac & Jack’s is in cans!

    Was in my local Costco in Seattle area and saw at the front door Mac & Jack’s beer in cans! WHAT!?! Mac & Jack in CANS!?! I grabbed a 6 pack for $7. It is their Resolution IPA, the greeter at the door said “It’s not African Amber”, she said it like she’s had to tell hundreds of people. I’m...