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  1. Summa_Brewologica

    Liquor I didn’t even know I liked

    (Is there not an entire liquor section in this forum?) I’ve always been a whiskey guy. Particularly scotch and bourbon. Not sure why but I just felt compelled to buy this Remy Martin 1738. Never delved into brandy or cognac but man…what have I been missing all this time??? It has an extreme...
  2. DrunkenWeasel

    Distillation equipment

    I use a 240/5500 Blichman BrewEasy setup with the 30gal pots for brewing. 2x Ferminators mounted in upright freezers for fermentation. I went through 3 separate brewery set-ups before settling on my current brewing setup, and wish I had made the appropriate investments early. Is there a way...