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  1. J

    Is this mold on my scoby?

    Hey everyone! This scoby in progress has some weird slightly blue-ish thing going on as you see in the middle of the picture. Is it mold or just... puberty? ;) Thanks in advance, Jim
  2. G

    Trying to grow scoby first time, can you help me?

    I’m trying to grow a scoby for first time and now there’s something under my starter liquid(?) but isn’t normally scoby flat, and these are like fuzzy balls😅 so is this mold or scoby or something else?
  3. RC Wasyliw

    Kombucha Mold?

    Im making my 1st batch of Kombucha. I purchased a kit. My scoby sunk to bottom and is still there. It has been 7 days. I see a white film forming on the top and one small spot of green mold. Looks like a crumb may have fallen in. Do I have to toss everything or will scoby be ok since he's on...
  4. T

    Does my Scoby look ok ??

    Iv recently got into kombucha brewing, my first batch has a odd growth which im assuming is just normal scoby growth but i just wanted to make sure what everyone else thinks ??
  5. E

    Scoby comes out of the liquid

    Hello, I just brewed my first batch with a starter kit. First 2 days, scoby was floating , starting from the 3rd day, it came out of the liquid partially. I am afraid that it will dry and die. What should I do? Is this normal?
  6. A

    New to Kombucha - Is it mold?

    Hey guys! Making my first Scoby and i'm not shure it worked out so good, but before i throw it out i want to hear from you experts: Is it mold or is it OK? Best regards, André
  7. B

    Scoby Newbie from Southern Minnesota

    Hello, I'm glad that I found this site. I have Scoby-Kombucha questions! Thank you!