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  1. Krg7

    Schwarzbier Colour

    I am planning to brew a schwarzbier and I'm wondering what the best way to get it really dark without it tasting like a thin stout. I've found lots of recipes that say to use around 5% dark malts but when I put that in beersmith it only gives me an srm of 15 and I'm shooting for closer to 25. If...
  2. H

    Schwarzbier 2 ways

    Brewed 2 schwarzbiers 11 and 9 days ago, keeping most things the same except the grist. Going for one being more malt/bread forward and the other being more roast forward (w/ out getting burnt character). On day 2 of diacetyl rest today. Results and pics to come after some lagering. Recipes...
  3. SkagitNScandi

    Schwarzbier Warmish Ferment ???s

    Hey guys I just brewed my first Schwarzbier. My first lager really... I DO NOT have any temperature control other that opening and closing a floor vent, and a towels I cover my carboys with. The guy at my LHBS (NU HOMEBREW / GENUS Brewing, Check em out on youtube) hooked me up with some 1968...
  4. SouthPhillyBr3w3r

    Questions Related to Recent Brew (Pressure "lager")

    I recently brewed a beer that is in the style of a Schwarzbier (no cold fermentation, german ale yeast). I will list the recipe and techniques, then I have a few questions. Batch Size 4.5 Gal Est. ABV= 4.8% 90 min Boil Grist 4 lb German Pilsner 4 lb Munich Malt 6 oz Crystal 40L 7 oz Midnight...
  5. A

    First BIAB (first all grain) Schwarzbier. Tons of questions (RO water, hops ...)

    I have almost all my equipment gathered and will try to brew next weekend. However, the more I try to be ready the more unanswered questions I seem to have. Hoping you guys can help me out a bit. I plan to do the 'May the Schwarzbier with you' recipe. Grist is as follows: 7 lbs 5.0 oz...
  6. j_narbrew

    schwarzbier recipe

    here is a schwarzbier recipe i am working on. i'm hoping to brew it soon and was looking for input. i'm still an amateur, but i've come up with a couple decent recipes. i don't have the ability to lager, so i'm using german ale/kolsch yeast since it is supposed to be a clean fermenting yeast...