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  1. A

    Another "foam" thread....

    Hi all - based on the success of one of my first threads on this fine forum, I need the crowd's expertise again... First off, I have spent a bit of time reading and searching, i'm a n00b to this forum but not forums in general and know the etiquette :) That doesn't mean i didn't miss...
  2. H

    Beer lines

    Just picked up a kegerator and bout new 3/8th inch tubing about 5 feet long from home depot. Not special tubing or anything. I'm pushing a commercial lagunitas 1/2 barrel at about 8psi and I'm getting a good amount of foam. The guy I bought it from had a short tube. Only about a foot or two of...
  3. Z

    Co2 line

    I am new to kegging and just got my used cornys cleaned out. I was wondering if you can get the gas/air line that goes from the regular to keg from Home Depot or Lowes. I believe it needs to be a 5/16 air line. I dont have a LHBS near me and didnt think to buy it online when I bought my other...