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  1. apache_brew

    DIY sankey "Kegmenter"

    My original plan was to build a conical from a sankey keg, however since I got used to fermenting in regular sankeys with a floating dip tube, the lure or the conical dump has faded away. I've also switched over to dry yeast (500g bricks) and brew much less frequently so I have no desire to...
  2. A

    Perlick Taps and Sankey Couplers

    (3) Perlick taps all chrome plated. $50 shipped for all three. (2) sankey couplers $30 shipped for both. This is stuff I had lying around that I never used. I would suggest replacing soft goods. Visually they all seem fine and operate. One of the perlicks is a little tight.
  3. J

    Mississippi Sankey kegs - lightly used

    I'm not sure if there is a demand here for these or not, but I have some very lightly used (some of them have been filled once) standard sankey kegs I am looking to sell. They are embossed and have a thin decal wrap around them. I am asking $50 each for them, but I would be happy to give a...
  4. H

    Sanke Tank Depressurizing

    I bought a commercial keg to convert to a fermenter and, unsuprizingly, it was partially full and full pressurized. Since I have not particular desire to have a spear shot through my skull, I need to vent it completely. what is the best way to do that. I don't have any sanke equipment, so I'll...
  5. P

    keg washing. why 2 valves on the coupler?

    is there is reason why they add 2 shut off valves on the coupler? I know with one is to not lose your C02 but why the other one. is it necessary?
  6. pcollins

    Sankey set and forget

    Just kegged my homebrew for the first time ever: Woohoo!! I have a sankey keg dispense system set up at home which is why I went this route. I also had a keg given to me so that helped with the set up. I transferred an IPA (FG 1.014) from the secondary into the keg, attached the coupling...
  7. sfinger

    Looking for Sankey Keg or two in Illinois...

    Hi all, I am looking for a couple 15.5 gallon used sankey style kegs to convert for brewing. I am in the Aurora, IL area. Any suggestions for sources that would have legally obtained them? Is calling a brewery for non-working kegs the best answer? Thanks much for your suggestions...
  8. pcollins

    mostly foam

    So I have my spare fridge set up now for keg dispense and have a 20l keg from my local craft brewer in there (Galt Knife Old Style from Grand River Brewing fwiw). I will be talking to the brewer there next week for some input but thought I would check here as well. When I pour the beer I get...