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  1. A

    Perlick Taps and Sankey Couplers

    (3) Perlick taps all chrome plated. $50 shipped for all three. (2) sankey couplers $30 shipped for both. This is stuff I had lying around that I never used. I would suggest replacing soft goods. Visually they all seem fine and operate. One of the perlicks is a little tight.
  2. J

    Mississippi Sankey kegs - lightly used

    I'm not sure if there is a demand here for these or not, but I have some very lightly used (some of them have been filled once) standard sankey kegs I am looking to sell. They are embossed and have a thin decal wrap around them. I am asking $50 each for them, but I would be happy to give a...
  3. H

    Sanke Tank Depressurizing

    I bought a commercial keg to convert to a fermenter and, unsuprizingly, it was partially full and full pressurized. Since I have not particular desire to have a spear shot through my skull, I need to vent it completely. what is the best way to do that. I don't have any sanke equipment, so I'll...
  4. P

    keg washing. why 2 valves on the coupler?

    is there is reason why they add 2 shut off valves on the coupler? I know with one is to not lose your C02 but why the other one. is it necessary? https://www.chicompany.net/images/07D03100.JPG
  5. pcollins

    Sankey set and forget

    Just kegged my homebrew for the first time ever: Woohoo!! I have a sankey keg dispense system set up at home which is why I went this route. I also had a keg given to me so that helped with the set up. I transferred an IPA (FG 1.014) from the secondary into the keg, attached the coupling...
  6. sfinger

    Looking for Sankey Keg or two in Illinois...

    Hi all, I am looking for a couple 15.5 gallon used sankey style kegs to convert for brewing. I am in the Aurora, IL area. Any suggestions for sources that would have legally obtained them? Is calling a brewery for non-working kegs the best answer? Thanks much for your suggestions...
  7. pcollins

    mostly foam

    So I have my spare fridge set up now for keg dispense and have a 20l keg from my local craft brewer in there (Galt Knife Old Style from Grand River Brewing fwiw). I will be talking to the brewer there next week for some input but thought I would check here as well. When I pour the beer I get...