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  1. apache_brew

    DIY sankey "Kegmenter"

    My original plan was to build a conical from a sankey keg, however since I got used to fermenting in regular sankeys with a floating dip tube, the lure or the conical dump has faded away. I've also switched over to dry yeast (500g bricks) and brew much less frequently so I have no desire to...
  2. K

    Sanke & Ball Lock interchangeable connections

    Hi Folks, can someone offer some suggestion for this. I have ball lock and a sanke keg. When the Sanke is empty I would like to easily connect the ball lock and vice versa.
  3. tidesmatt

    Half Barrel 15.5 Gallon Sanke Keg with Custom Fitted NorCal Brewing Ultimate Fermenter Kit - $250

    For sale is a half barrel 15.5 gallon Sanke Keg as well as a Custom fitting NorCal Brewing Ultimate Cross Fermenter Kit. The keg itself is an older, AB keg and is in solid condition. Outside is as shown in pictures, but the inside is clean and in solid shape. The fermenter kit turns this keg...
  4. W

    Corney Keg Sanke Adapter?

    I have a friend who has Sanke Couplers for his kegerator lines, but is interested in having one of my beers on tap. (Home bar, no legality issues) I keg in ball lock corny kegs. Does anyone know of an adapter/lid/way that we can make this work, short of replacing a beer and gas line with corny...
  5. gjcourt

    California Sanke Sixtel Kegs

    $25 each, 5 available, San Francisco local pickup only
  6. olie

    Sanke snap rings: Y U sometimes just no snap?!

    Most of the time when I disassemble (I do ~1:10 for deep-cleaning, but sometimes for in-keg additions, too), the snap rings just pop right out and snap right back in, "as God and Mr. Sanke intended". However, every once in a while, I get one that just won't snap back into place, and I can't...
  7. R

    Kegging into a Sanke Keg

    Hi Everyone, Looking for advice on Kegging into a Sanke Keg (20 L). I have carbed my beer in my spike flex the keg I have is depressurized and clean I have a coupler with lines. Hopefully I can get some help. Cheers!
  8. N

    Kegging into a sankey

    I dont have a sankey coupler though I want to keg into a sankey. is this possible to just add the beer through the hole where the spike will go, close it and pressurize some how? I'm pretty new to kegging and looking for advice. Thanks!
  9. DMA

    1/4 bbl sanke keg(s)

    ISO < $75 ea. Thx in adv.
  10. snarf7

    Sanke Keg system - required equipment

    I tried researching this in the sticky thread but all the links I clicked were dead so apologies if I'm asking a redundant question. I've picked up a set of sanke kegs off a guy who's roommate left them behind when he moved out. He doesn't know anything about them but wanted them out of his...
  11. HOoT_oWL

    Sanke Keg issue: Coupler is loose and leaky when tapped. Spins easily

    I went through C02 crazy fast on this keg. I noticed when I tapped it its loose and spins pretty easily. Then I noticed its leaky and the more I messed with it the more it leaked, UNLESS I put downward pressure on it which slowed or stopped the leak. Also I think the stem(s) is spinning when...
  12. H

    Sanke Tank Depressurizing

    I bought a commercial keg to convert to a fermenter and, unsuprizingly, it was partially full and full pressurized. Since I have not particular desire to have a spear shot through my skull, I need to vent it completely. what is the best way to do that. I don't have any sanke equipment, so I'll...
  13. lorne17

    Spunding Valve for Sanke Connection - How to connect?

    Hello there, I have a full size keg and I wanted to try and use it for fermenting. I have the FastFerment, and my last batch was mediocre because I had to dry hop several times. Due to that I oxidized it and it didn't come out the way it should have. So with that said, I found this...
  14. A

    1/4 bbl (7.75 gallon) slim sanke kegs

    I'm looking to buy 1/4 bbl slim sanke kegs (pony kegs) in any condition. Please PM me if you have one available and would like to sell it.
  15. ClutchDude

    Selling 5 Gallon Soda Kegs with Sanke Coupling Welded On

    I bought 8 of them back in April 2008 and have enjoyed them many times over the last few years. These are "converted" sanke coupling 5 gallon corny kegs that I bought off the forum almost 10 years ago! The top is a welded soda lid and coupler with a custom cut spear for the keg. You can see...
  16. Jbrown57

    yet another Sanke Fermenter Build..

    At last I have all of the pieces for my Fermenter. The goal is to ferment in SS vs Plastic buckets, ferment under pressure, pressure transfer to keg. I am not really driving for Low O2 yet but it is on my mind for the future. I hope to brew this weekend and split the wort to this fermenter and a...
  17. D

    Sanke Fermenter Chiller Help needed

    Could someone please suggest some ways to for accurate chilling of sanke fermenter (to within 2 degrees) - preferably down to lagering temps, but at very least to ale-fermenting temps. I was thinking of surround the keg with coils and insulating the whole fermenter, coils and all, with some...
  18. ClutchDude

    Installing retaining ring on Sanke Keg

    So after getting a bunch of sanke/sankey/sanky-modified soda kegs, I set out cleaning diligently. Reassembling them, I chose to use the spiral rings that were on the kegs. For the o-ring on the spear to compress completely, either a industry standard spiral retaining ring needs to be...