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  1. MBuckBrewer

    Have Apples Make Cider!

    Hello from Toledo, Ohio where the apples from my tree are reaching the end of their peak. I have picked them all and stored them in my fridge and been working to make batches each weekend. My tree is not sprayed and has a worm in each apple. I have to quarter and core each one before processing...
  2. M

    Fruit wine-campden or no campden?

    Hi! First time brewer here, read many posts on this site which were informative, so I signed up today. I am hoping to make a raspberry-pear wine in some store-bought white grape juice. Reading through instructions again, I think I missed a step. Washed all fruit in water, then soaked in a...
  3. B

    Water Conservation When Brewing

    It is no secret that the single most prevalent ingredient in beer is water. But there is also an equal if not larger amount of water involved in the making of beer that does not become beer. This would be the water we use for cleaning, sanitizing, and cooling. Like myself, there are many other...
  4. D

    Cleaning and Sanitation Primer

    One of the most important parts of the homebrewing process is cleaning and sanitizing your equipment. As many a homebrewer can attest, there is an increased risk of off-flavors and/or infection when the necessary precautions are not taken. Taking a little bit of time to ensure sanitation can...
  5. S

    Cleaning and sanitizing kombucha kegs

    A question for the kombucha keggers. What are you using to clean and sanitize your kegs? Iodophor or star san for sanitizing? Is washing them with hot water and synthetic vinegar enough? Do you use PBW to clean the kegs?
  6. R

    Cleaning old, OLD kegs

    A friend donated to me a couple 5-gallon pin lock kegs that he hasn’t used in years. I gathered it has been something like 8-10 years. There is a tad bit of beer left in one, and the other is almost half full. Besides questioning my friend’s sanity for leaving a keg of homebrew unfinished, what...
  7. J

    Blueberry IPA

    So I've got this IPA recipe I want to try and I want to add blueberries for color and flavor. So my question is when should I add them? While boiling in hop bag? Dip them in vodka and when racking beer to secondary? Or just both? Also I'd like to know what's the procedure for vodka sanitizing...
  8. V

    Dry Hop Sanitization

    I looked around a bit and was reading that yes the dry hop bag should be sanitized but what about pre-package ones? In my case the pellets are sealed in the bag already and I’m not sure if it’s ok to spray the whole bag, hops included with starsans or if I need to find a way to break it open...
  9. P

    Recurring "infection" cleanup - here is my plan

    I have 3 plastic buckets (2 Coopers + another one thats not a pail). I really like them all since they are easy to transport, easy to clean and 2 of them have spigots. I do not want to throw them out but I am in the process of getting 5 & 6.5 gallon carboys. Here is one kind of "infection"...
  10. M

    sanitation method

    In using my "thief" to get a gravity sample I always worry about sanitation. instead of using a 5 gallon bucket to use my star-san (which is wasted just for a gravity reading) I was wondering if anyone had a recommended quick and easy santizing method for this. can I spray it from a spraybottle?