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  1. Z

    Dusting off the cobwebs

    Hello everyone. I have brewed in the past with a Northern Brewer Deluxe homebrew starter kit and have everything I need equipment wise. However, it has been well over a year since I used any of the equipment. I know dirt and crud can ruin beer and wanted to make sure I cleaned everything...
  2. C

    Infected Brews, Need Help!

    I read that there are two types of brewers; ones that have had an infection and those that will get an infection. After 6 years of brewing I just got hit hard. 4 small batches all got pellicles after I racked to secondary. I researched and it said to throw out anything plastic, tubing...
  3. J

    Cleaning New Spike CF10 Before 1st Use

    As i anxiously await the arrival of my new Spike CF10 (TOMORROW!) - I'm wondering about cleaning and sanitizing before my first use. In all the excitement of the conical, temp control and other bells and whistles, I neglected to get a CIP ball. I don't want to let this thing sit idle any...
  4. W

    Top off from water dispenser?

    Yet another question before my first brew...sorry, I should have written all these down and posted all in one rather than a few at a time. I have a water dispenser in my house because the local water tastes horrible. We get water from a local machine that dispenses it when you put the money in...
  5. SaladDaze


    Hi all, Getting back into home brewing after a few years on hiatus. I can't seem to remember the proper way to sanitize my equipment. In the last month I've brewed a couple small batches of cider and my process is to rinse with a sani-brew mixture then rinse thoroughly with tap water. This...
  6. D

    Sanitize glass carboy in dishwasher?

    I have several 1 gallon glass jugs that I'm thinking about using as mini trial-fermenters. I was thinking about just throwing them in the dishwasher for a sanitize cycle. They are already cleaned and rinsed, but I figured I could let the dishwasher do the sanitation work since I'm feeling...